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Our common goal is the same — to add benefits to our members for being involved with ISPFMRA. This includes providing high quality meetings with leading industry speakers providing information on subjects that are of interest to all at very affordable registration fees to our members. It also means enabling Commercial Sponsors to communicate directly with the membership in casual, informal settings… providing links to sponsor web sites, and convenient and accessible contact information for the representatives who work directly with ISPFMRA members.

Commercial sponsorship includes many benefits detailed here.

The sponsorship levels been set by the sponsors themselves and the benefits sponsors have told us they want in order to be most effective. Our sponsors have recommended the following levels of recognition: Platinum Level starts at $2,500; Gold at $1,500; Silver at $750.

Interested in sponsorship? Fill out the form and we’ll help you find the level that works best for you.

Become an ISPFMRA Sponsor

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