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The titles “AFM,” “ARA,” “RPRA,” and “AAC” are professional titles: “Accredited Farm Manager,” “Accredited Rural Appraiser,” “Real Property Review Appraiser,” “Accredited Agricultural Consultant”, respectively. All titles are marks of professional competence and achievement and are conferred by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. The title “CAC,” “Certified Agricultural Consultant,” is conferred by the American Society of Agricultural Consultants.

Accredited Rural Appraisers meet the following qualifications:

  • five or more years experience appraising rural properties for a fee or salary for which written, signed reports have been prepared
  • submitted a rural appraisal report to demonstrate their ability to conform to acceptable standards
  • completed and passed the required appraisal and ethics courses
  • passed an accrediting examination consisting of written, oral, and case study sections
  • courses and seminars
  • a four-year college degree or the equivalent
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