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ACCREDITED person who has earned one or more of the titles, Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA), Real Property Review Appraiser (RPRA), or Accredited Agricultural Consultant (AAC)
PROFESSIONAL person who, for a fee or salary manages or appraises rural properties that belong to others; has had at least three years experience; has passed examinations in designated courses and workshops; and has submitted to the Society the required management or appraisal reports
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┬áperson who has “Friend of the Chapter” status
ACADEMIC person whose work is primarily educational, relating to farm management, rural appraisal, or consulting
ASSOCIATE person who, for a fee or salary manages and/or appraises rural properties belonging to others but has not completed the required education and testing for Accreditation.
AFFILIATE person who does not meet the requirements of any other membership classification and who is not providing management, appraisal, or consulting services on rural properties
RETIRED person who has been an accredited, professional, associate, or academic member for 10 years or more and who, for a fee or salary no longer manages or appraises rural property that belongs to others
HONORARY person whose membership has been conferred by the board of directors
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