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Member Spotlight: Ross Albert


Born and raised in Heyworth, Illinois. My wife and four children and I still live there. My formal education was at Illinois State University. My real education came from working for folks like Ken Ferrie, Randolph Co-op Elevator, Advanced Trading, Soy Capital, Williamson Excavating, and building a farming operation.


I love raising my children, livestock, and grain.


Albert Family Farms and Moore & Warner Farm Real Estate


Owner and operator at Albert Family Farms. Farm Manager and Real Estate Broker with Moore & Warner Farm Real Estate

How many years have you been in your profession?  11

What influenced you to choose your profession:

I have always been interested in ALL things farming. From the desk to the ditches, I wanted to be involved with it. Farm management was as close as I could get without farming and owning my own land at the time.

What do you enjoy about your profession?

Working with the land and creating information that empowers both landowners and operators to make better decisions.

What do you see for the future of your profession?

GREAT farm managers will always have a place, but over time GREAT farm operators will take the place of mediocre farm managers.

What is a suggestion you would give to a young person who is considering a career in your profession?

You must have confidence that your efforts on a particular farm are providing value. If you can provide value above your costs (fees) then take the account; if you are collecting more than you’re returning to the farm and client, then don’t take the job. Every young person considering farm management needs to realize that if you’re not delivering value above the services you bill, you are undermining the profession and your own career.

Favorite inspirational quote:

It’s better to be lucky than smart any day.

Professional Affiliations:


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