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Fall 2023 Newsletter – An annual meeting preview and much more

The Fall 2023 Newsletter outlines the upcoming Annual Meeting on February 7 and 8, 2024, featuring a USPAP course for appraisers, sessions on Renewable Energy, and a reception at Aspen Tap House. Key events include discussions on wind and solar leases, carbon capture, and the ISPFMRA Annual Meeting. The newsletter also recognizes member contributions and provides updates on industry news, emphasizing professional development and networking opportunities. (Note that the original PDF had an error on the summer tour date. The tour is scheduled for August 15-16.)

You can download the PDF, but here’s a sneak preview of what’s inside:

  1. Two Very FULL Days Scheduled Around February Annual Meeting
  2. Russ Says… by Russell Hiatt AFM ARA, President ISPFMRA
  3. Chapter Well-Represented at ASFMRA
  4. Cost-Sharing for Decatur Lake Watershed by Jennifer Gunter
  5. College Corner (NEW Feature)
  6. Dear ISPFMRA (TY Letters)
  7. YPN Member Profile
  8. Farm Transition Workshops Planned
  9. Welcome New Members
  10. 2024 Annual Meeting Agenda
  11. Committee Chair Roster
  12. Our Commercial Sponsors
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