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Employment – Farm Manager

The Farmers State Bank and Trust Company is looking for an experienced agriculture professional to join us as a Farmer Manager. The Farm Manager will be assigned to farms held under trust or agency agreements and provide maximum net return to owners while assessing and maintaining capital improvements on the farms.  In this position, we expect you to take on a variety of responsibilities regarding the management of farms, from helping to develop annual production plans with owner and tenant for crop and livestock programs, assisting with selection of tenant farmers, and securing necessary items for the farms as required. Maintaining yearly contracts with all tenants, while attracting new farm management business and prospects. You should have experience with various farming techniques, including tillage and conservation practices, irrigation, and fertilization. In addition to actual crop production planning, you are also responsible for gain and livestock marketing management-insurance coverage and USDA program participation. 

Farm Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Make planting and harvest decisions.
  • Fertilizer, seed, and production input selection.
  • Operator selection. 
  • Lease terms and negotiations.
  • Implement conservation practices.
  • Manage the farm budgets.
  • Grain and livestock marketing.
  • Inspect facilities to assess and maintain capital improvements.
  • USDA and conservation program participation. 

Farm Manager Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in agricultural.
  • Farm experience, preferably in a leadership role.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of crop market trends.

If interested please contact:

Kaitlyn N. Bentley at The Farmers State Bank and Trust Company

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