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Very old tractor in field, different parts – no trademark at all

Commentary: Morbus Agricola, A Rural Epidemic

by Gary Truitt

(Reprinted by permission of author. See the full original commentary at Hoosier Ag Today.)

The Center for Disease Control has recently identified a long-observed, but hitherto unnamed disease, Morbus Agricola.  Commonly referred to as farmer disease, it is currently running rampant and unchecked across rural America. Those who are stricken with the disease are seldom aware they have it, but those who observe them can see the effects all too plainly. The CDC, in their analysis, detailed the symptoms and consequences.


– An almost uncontrollable desire to plant something, to till soil and grow food

– A nervous restlessness only satisfied by the operation of a tractor or other large piece of equipment

– A deep affection for the care and nurturing of bovine, porcine, equine, or poultry animals

– A irrational optimism with risk-taking behavior, most notable from March to November

– Boundless energy, allowing the individual to sustain in strenuous activity for long periods of time without sleep often causing a person to work 18-24 hours

– Dissatisfaction with the status quo, a constant desire to make things work better, be more productive, and make things better than when they started

Causes: (See more at original article.)

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