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2016 Annual Meeting: Register Now!


NOTE: The annual conference has ended. If you’re looking for the Land Values Conference, go here.


Are you ready to weather a squall or two during 2016?

Bring your chart case with you and we’ll finish loading it at the 2016 ISPFMRA Annual Conference and Business Meeting. There will be a lot of information, some great networking, a few laughs and maybe even a moist eye or two, but when you leave you’ll be ready to take on 2016, flatten out some of those rough seas for some smooth sailing, and even handle a squall or two as they come up.

Join us February 18-19 at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield!

For more details, download our Program and Registration Form. You can also scroll down to register below.

Some of our speakers:

Sam McCann (R-Carlinville) was born November 4, 1969, in West Hamlin, West Virginia. He graduated from Harts High School in Harts, West Virginia, and attended Lewis & Clark Commu- nity College and Blackburn College. He is the owner and president of McCann Construction in Carlinville. Sam and his wife, Vicki, have a son, Trayton, and a daughter, Katherine.

Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh last addressed the ISPFMRA at the 2007 Annual Meeting in Champaign. He is an acknowledged expert on agricultural policy and an award-winning professor of agricultural economics at Kansas State University. Flinchbaugh holds a BS degree in Animal Science and a MS in Agricultural Economics from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in Agricultural economics from Purdue University.

Jeff Boeckler is a principal with Northwater Consulting, Spring eld. He has been a Water Resource Scientist/Planner and GIS mapping specialist for over eight years with the State of Illinois. Jeff has extensive experience and advanced knowledge in GIS analysis, watershed sciences, watershed planning, water quality and natural area restoration.

Andy Shireman owns and operates farmland in Morgan, Scott, and Brown Counties in Central Illinois. He farms ground for several landlords/ladies and is now part owner in the newly formed cover crop seed dealer, Chapin Cover Crops LLC. Andy believes in cover crops. Last year he made the big switch on 2,400 acres and went ‘all in.’ And he couldn’t be happier with the results.

Dan Towery is the owner of Ag Conservation Solutions, an ag consulting rm started in 2005 to provide services to Midwest growers and others interested in “Blending Ag Pro tability While Enhancing the Environment.” Soil quality, continuous no-till, cover crops, and drainage water management are some of his areas of specialization.

Laura Enger is a 2009 graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in agribusiness markets and management. She joined the Chapter that same year and works at Farm Credit Illinois is as an appraiser.

Jaleen Edwards joined ASFMRA as its Director of Membership, Marketing and Communications in January 2014. She is responsible for developing and managing efforts to grow the internal and external markets with the goal of retaining and growing membership, increasing meeting and class attendance and retaining and growing corporate partnerships.

Merrill Swanson, ARA, is ASFMRA president. Merrill is a senior managing director with Dugger, Canaday, Grafe, Inc., San Antonio, TX. Dugger, Canaday, Grafe, Inc. represents numerous corporations, trusts, families, nancial institutions, governmental bodies, publicly held companies, developers, attorneys and individuals with a primary trade area of Central and South Texas as well as specialized services throughout Texas, the United States, Mexico and Central America.

As a founding principal of The Hightower Report, David Hightower analyzes the energy, metal, index, currency and bond markets daily. He has over 30 years of experience in the commodity and nancial futures industry. Before starting The Hightower Report, Dave was the Director of Research for the (then) largest commodity brokerage firm in the United States, Stotler & Company.

Note: register by Feb. 5 to avoid $45 late registration surcharge.


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